Make Korean Women Kiss You
With These 2 Fun Games

Could you make Korean women kiss you?

They could be your friends or women you've just met but want more with one of them.

Why not set a fun mood by playing a couple of Korean games?

This makes kissing fun and socially acceptable.

After all she probably wanted to kiss you a long time ago.

Why not give her that chance?

You'll also discover what to do if she pushes you way.

So whatever happens - you're solid.

Read on!

Korean Women Kissing Game #1
- Rock Paper Scissors!

In Korean they call it 'Kay Bay Bo!' Tell a Korean woman that you're the champion at this game and that no Korean can beat you.

That should wind her up. ;-)

Then start playing with her there and then. After a trial run tell her that in your country when someone wins or loses the winner must kiss the loser on the cheek.

Yes the winner must kiss the loser as a sign of 'owning' the other person.

If she's not comfortable with the cheek then tell her that she can put her hand on her cheek and that you'll kiss her hand.

If you lose three times then she must kiss you. If she wins then you have to kiss her. Here's the trick.

When you lose (which you probably will) she'll get closer to kiss you. At the last moment turn your head and kiss her on the lips! She'll be shocked and will laugh the tension away.

But she will remember and enjoy your playfulness.

This is a fun way to get Korean women to kiss you. ;-)

Korean Women Kissing Game #2 - Soju Kiss

You can do this with just you and her or with multiple people. If you want to have fun then do it with you and many Korean ladies. That way you'll have many women kiss you at the same time. ;-)

First it's important to get a bottle of soju. Soju is a Korean alcohol that costs US$1 in Korea and $10 anywhere else.

In any case it's relatively cheap and you'll need it for this game.

Korean women kiss you in this game

The setup - Once you open the bottle take the cap and twirl the metallic bit at the end.

Look at the picture for what it's supposed to look like.

You'll pass it around and each person must flick it once.

If you flick it and it comes off you must take a soju shot AND get a kiss at the same time.

So if you're with two women and you knock the tip off then you'll get two women kissing you. ;-)

You can also do this with one Korean woman.

Ideally you can play it in your house or at a bar that offers soju.

Whatever happens remember to turn your head at the last minute so that her lips are kissing yours.

"What If It Backfires?"

First of all chances are she'll either laugh about it or be shocked. Or both.

If she does get annoyed then simply shrug your shoulders and say:

"I dunno I just saw an opportunity. What can I say - I'm human." ;-)

By showing that you couldn't help yourself in a humble but funny way you're doing three things:

• being charming

• showing vulnerability

 • easing the social tension

Once you say that you can just act like nothing happened and keep playing. ;-)

Make Women Kissing You Fun And Playful

women kiss

Sometimes Women make out with each other because it's fun!

Have women kissing you for the same reason and you're solid!

If you can set it up as something random and playful chances are that they'll do it.

Now with Korean women this might be more challenging because of their conservative culture.

That's why I recommend using these Korean games.

It'll work even better in a social setting with drinks.

Not so much because of the alcohol but because it's then socially 'appropriate' to try new things.

So have fun you lucky guy! ;-)

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