The Seoul Sex Scene Revealed

Want to know what the Seoul sex scene is like? :)

Maybe you're in Seoul for a quick visit or business trip. Maybe you've moved here. In any case it's always nice to do a little 'sight seeing'.

If this is what you had in mind then get ready to know what your choices are and which places you'd enjoy the most.

Be aware that Koreans are very discreet about this part of their culture. In fact you may count yourself among the few foreigners who even know about it.

Get ready for a good time! ;-)

1st Stop - Massage Parlors

seoul sex

This is if you want a good massage down there without the worry of catching anything (or paying a fortune!)

You can spot these places easily as they have two barber poles spinning next to each other.

You can go in and ask for a massage (and they'll give it to you promptly.)

You can even try negotiating the price beforehand but unless you speak fluent Korean you're in a bad situation.

Just think of the extra as tourist tax. You're going to be paying that little extra no matter where you go.

You can expect to pay around W50,000 (US50) to W100,000 (US100) depending on where you go. Discover more if a Seoul massage is for you by clicking on the link.

2nd Stop- Room Salons

These are lounges where businessmen usually 'conduct business'. Sometimes groups of friends go to these places to relax with beautiful hostesses.

What happens is that you go in a private room with your friends and get to have Korean women sit and drink with you. Now their job consists of just socializing and pouring your drinks.

On the other hand if you're friendly enough they might "hang out with you later."

The downside is that these places are quite expensive - ranging from W200,000 to W1,000,000 (US$200 to US$1000) but the service is second to none.

I recommend going with Korean friends because they'll help you get inside or bring the price lower. You see, for some reason Koreans don't think that foreigners know about all the professional Seoul sex that's going on.

3rd Stop - Singing Rooms

seoul sex

Singing rooms (연습장) is different from the noraebangs (노래방.)

In noraebangs you go singing with your friends in a private room for roughly W20,000 (US$20.)

In the former you go singing with friends and hostesses!

The price is also higher at the same level as the room salons.

In a same way you get to sing with the hostesses who might stay out longer with you if you're "nice" enough. ;-)

There are also rooms called 'kissing rooms' (기스방) where you can go and get make outs for a fee.

4th Stop - Personal Visits

seoul sex

If you ever come to Seoul at night you'll notice a bunch of business cards on the floor.

If you ever are so curious as to pick one up and call it you'll be in for a 'special' surprise.

They are the numbers of freelancers who will come to your place or residence (or a pre-determined place) for you to "get to know each other better."

The cost is usually around W150,000 (US$150) but you can shop for the prices if your Korean is good enough (and if they'll take a foreigner.)

5th Stop - Glass Windows

Interstingly - Imagine walking down a street with glass windows on each side. You can see women sitting on the other side of the glass window. If you like her you can chat her up and take it from there.

You have to negotiate a price but you can expect to pay W150,000 (US$150) at least for a short-time. You also might have to pay more because you're a foreigner.

Apparently Korean men don't like being with Korean women who've been with foreigners. So the women take a risk being with you.

Seoul Sex - Angmas

This is the pinnacle of the professional Seoul sex world. You go into a secluded 'hotel' and ask for a room. The price is usually W220,000 (US$220) and you get a pleasant surprise.

A Korean woman there is waiting to take you in, bathe you and provide you with whatever "room service" you may need.

Once you're finished you can get a massage from a blind man (don't ask me why) and spend the night. You also get free beer and cigarettes at certain places.)

The trick is to have a Korean friend show you where a good one is. You can spot Ang-mas (or '앙마') in the back streets of Seoul. They'll have a sign that say '앙마' and the place should look like a hotel.

To Have a Love Life in Seoul

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Final Thoughts on Seoul Sex

Korea isn't known for its' sex industry. Prostitution is illegal in Korea and so you'll have to tread carefully.

In any case just be smart about looking for a place to go. Have a Korean friend show you the way (he'll know!) Some of the places are worth the money but you'll have to hunt for them.

Worst comes to worst you can always go to 'Hooker Hill' in Itaewon. Simply click on this link to discover where you can go NOW to have sex in Seoul.

Have fun! ;-)

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