Is The Seoul Massage a Scam?

Expats who live in Seoul will all agree: the massage experience in Seoul is flat out not worth it!

You'll soon discover some reasons why it's worth avoiding and what you can do instead that will make you happier.

Granted if you're still set on trying it then you'll also discover where to go for a massage.

<b>How To Spot A Massage Parlor?</b>

There aren't many signs for a "happy ending massage" in Seoul. You want to look for places that have a double barber pole (like the one above.)

Simply go down and beware what awaits you! ;-)

Why You Won't Like a Seoul Massage

You don't get to pick the Korean woman. This is a big turn-off. In other Asian countries like Thailand you can at least see who will be giving you a "massage". At least you should be able to describe what you like. Not so with the Korean massage.

Most women are older. A lot of the Korean women who work at these parlors are older and not very attractive. If you're looking for a younger woman then those massage parlors are few and far between.

You're more likely to get scammed if you're a foreigner. I've heard of some horror stories involving these places.

In one case the woman told her client to put a wet towel over his head. Soon he discovered that it wasn't her who was giving him a massage but a older man!

What Can You Do Instead
of Having a Seoul Massage?

If you want to experience sex in Seoul with a more guaranteed "happy ending" I recommend clicking on the link.

There are plenty of opportunities outside of the Seoul massage to enjoy yourself in the capital of Korea.

Still Insist On Getting A Massage In Seoul?

If you're deadest on getting a massage in Seoul then I recommend going to Gangnam station. Go out of exit 11 and take a right to the back streets. You'll find plenty of double bar poles. Simply walk down the stairs until you reach a reception. Allow the receptionist to greet you and ask for a "massage".

They'll give you a price but it shouldn't be more than 50,000 to 70,000 won ($60) for the "massage".

If you'd rather pay for Seoul sex then click on the link for more.

Wherever you go have fun! ;-)

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