Would Dating North Korean
Women Be Different?

Fantasized about dating North Korean women?

There's something mysterious and dangerous about getting involved with a North Korean woman.

For the record - I've never been to North Korea.;-)

My experience has come mainly from South Korean ladies.

Granted I have met a few north Korean ladies during my travels.

I've also lived in Korea for 5 years.

But if you ever met and dated some north Korean babes - what would it be like?

Personally I would assume that they would be

  • much prettier than women from South Korea

  • much more conservative

  • more closed-minded

  • unable to communicate

Discover why this would be the case and be prepared for if you do meet north Korean girls.

Because you can!

Read on.

Much "Naturally" Prettier

North Korean women in a band

I think that only the prettiest North Korean women get to survive.

In South Korea it's no secret that the prettier you are the higher your chances of landing a job.

Why would it be any different in North Korea?

Not only that but I'm sure that the Kim family have special 'jobs' for the prettiest ladies. ;-)

I also say 'naturally' because I don't think that most North Korean ladies have access to plastic surgery.

Granted I'm sure the upper class Korean women do (as the women in the picture) but that's a different story.

More Conservative In The Bedroom

If you've ever dated a South Korean woman you'd notice how conservative she can be about certain things. If the woman you dated wasn't conservative then consider yourself among the lucky guys. ;-)

If you thought that women from South Korea were 'traditional' and took things slow then you obviously haven't met North Korean women. I can imagine that their upbringing and lifestyle makes them wait a decade before going to bed with a man.

After all: they still call themselves the 'Choson' people which ended 2 centuries ago. If they're still living in that era then I can only imagine what North Korean Kpop is like. ;-)

More Closed Minded

If you ever live in South Korea you'll notice that most Koreans live in this 'Korean bubble'. It's not a bad thing but it's there.

For example - Their language separates Koreans from the rest of the world. With words like 'ouri nara mall' (our nation's language) and 'adjoshi' or 'ajumma' (uncle or aunt rather than older man and older woman) makes you realize how closed and protective people from South Korea can be.

They're like one giant family.

I can only imagine how people from North Korea are! If you're dating a North Korean woman get ready to struggle just to make her taste a foreign dish.

Even just hanging out with a foreigner (especially if you're American) will be the story of her life!

Hard Time Communicating

The 'dialect' (not even a language) is very different from that of South Korea  (in fact it's called 'Chosunmal' relating to Korea's ancient dynasty.)

I've had the chance to interact in 'Hangukmal' (South Korea's language) with women from North Korea at a few places.

Our accents and dialects were different. Or rather it hasn't evolved much from the 1950s. If their language hasn't evolved much then I can't imagine that their English did!

Sure they might speak English but listening to a woman from North Korea talk would be like listening to an old 1950's radio show.

Granted that's just my opinion.

Can You Meet Them?

north korean women

In Other Communist Countries - Believe it or not but North Korean women DO travel.

Sure their traveling is restricted.

It might also be limited to those from the upper classes.

South Korea - A lot of North Koreans did defect to South Korea. If you ask around you can find defected North Korean communities. Sadly they have a low status in South Korea so they won't be as 'obvious' as you'd think.

I think I heard someone speaking with a North Korean dialect in the Seoul subway once. That was interesting.

In any case meeting North Korean women is possible and if you're committed you might just find one for you! Granted I do recommend dating a South Korean woman first.

I hope you like Kimchi! ;-)

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