My Korean wife

by Jorgen
(Canada )

Hello Dan

First of all, I wish to thank you for your insightful and fairly comprehensive reply. I do agree that there were some issues that might have contributed to the near collapse of my marriage. For a start, things happened so fast and my Korean wife and I did not spend enlightened time getting used to each other in terms of our cultural differences and individual expectations. Now, the good news is that she has started communicating with me. We are now emailing each other several times a day. It is a good sign. This happened less than a week after she had implied that our marriage would not work. She even said goodbye.

Now, she says that she would like me to go to Korea and love with her for a few years. I am a highly educated man and don't think that I will have much problem finding a job in the educational field. Of course, she has not fully dismissed the possibility of living in Canada.

At this point, I want to be with her. I also hope that she will wait for me. Of course, she is my wife, according to he Canadian law now. She says that I don't need to worry and that she loves me. She also said that she wanted me to get rid of my past and all the emotional baggage. This is what I am earnestly focusing on doing. The past is dead and I intend to start a new life with her.

She keeps reassuring me that she will wait for me and that I don't have to worry.
Finally, I want to thank you for all your help and advice. It seems like that my marriage has been given a second chance and I am happy about that. I just need to be certain that no more misunderstandings will put my relationship at risk. I need to do whatever I can to keep my long distance marriage alive. I told her that although she is there, I am happy that she is with her family, especially her mother. I know that her mother is important to her. In fact, I would like to look after her mother later.



Hi Jorgen,
It does sounds like you were given a new lifeline. That's good news and I'm sure you'll make the most of it.

I'm not sure if you have access to the marriage visa in Korea (you should) but with that visa you will be able to find work in Korea.

Best of luck and I'm glad things worked out well.


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