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Hot Korean girls – How to BOOST your chances at meeting and dating them! 4 practical tips to get you attracting and dating some of the hottest Korean women ever!

Do you find hot Korean ladies so attractive that you just have to chat one up?

I understand completely. I think Korean women are among the most beautiful women in the world.

But is dating one as easy as you think?

In fact I’d say that unless you are committed to dating one then you won’t make it.

It’s a hectic numbers game where you’ll be stretched to your limits!

Rest easy - that’s why I made 4 practical tips to meeting and dating hot Korean women to make it easier! ;-)

Go Where There’s An Abundance!

No duh! You might think.

I’ve seen too many guys hurt their chances because they live in no man’s land! If you want the best chances then you’ll have to go where the Hot Korean girls are!

If you’re in Seoul then I recommend going to ‘Gangnam’ or 'Hongdae'. If you’re in Busan I recommend ‘Seongmyong’. If you're really committed then living there would help too!

If you live outside of Korea then I recommend moving here (or at least to a Korean district near you!) ;-)

Make It Easier For Them!

hot korean women

Sometimes people will do what is the least comfortable. Make it so for the hot Korean girl you meet!

Learn some Korean! Take classes nearby or online. Learning the language will make communication (and thus the relationship) easier.

Dress the part! Look and smell your best! Improve your dressing style and get cologne. Go to the gym and start shedding those pounds. Koreans really value appearance more so than the West!

Note: Most hot Korean women love a thin rather than a muscular or chubby build.

Learn about Korean culture! Understand her culture by reading books (and my site) about it. Know where she’s coming from and make the process of being with a foreigner as easy as possible.

These are just some of the things you can do to make life easier for them. The easier it is, the more likely you are to date a hot Korean woman!

Play The Numbers Game!

If I told you that out of every 100 hot Korean girls you meet, only one would want to date you? Would you still put in the work? I’m not exaggerating either!

If you’re just meeting her on the street she won’t feel comfortable talking to you at all! Even if you get her phone number chances are that she won’t even text you that she’s not showing up!

Even if you start dating she just might disappear! Yes I’ve had all these scenarios happen as I was trying to find my ideal Korean woman.

It really is a numbers game so you’ll have to be willing to play it!

Can You Talk To Women?

How good are you at talking with women? Not so good? Then don’t think that just because an Asian woman is “easier” (which is a myth) that you don’t need ‘game’.

I recommend learning how to talk and interact with women by
taking an ‘Approach Mastery’ Bootcamp.

Personally I recommend PickupAsia’s because they will help you with dating hot Korean girls...

I work with them because they’ve helped me learn about how meet and attract Korean women despite me being a foreigner to them. You can read some reviews by clicking on the link.

I recommend that you get your ability to meet and talk to women handled first! Sure it's a numbers game but that doesn't mean that you can't improve your batting average. ;-)

Beautiful Korean Girls Everywhere!

Korean women are gorgeous and sometimes the extra hardships we have to go through to date one makes it challenging! We have to be our best selves to attract them because their culture, family and men are against us dating them!

Be your best self and make her (and you happy) by daring to boost your social skills as you meet hot Korean girls!

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