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Korean women dating tips - Discover the secrets to meet, date and have a happy relationship with a beautiful Korean woman!


I'm Dan Bloom.

Are you ready to FINALLY get practical Korean dating tips?

They come from my 5+ years as the first expat dating coach in Korea.

I'm sure you've found yourself in love with Koreans who are beautiful yet mysterious...even exclusive.

Does it mean that you can't have a relationship with that gorgeous Korean you saw?

Not anymore...

Now you get to know:

• why she feels the way she does

• what she REALLY responds to

• the shocking cultural reality she lives in and never told you about!

...and skip the learning curve I went through as well.

Why Your Korean Date Is Canceling on You

 There are two types of Koreanwomen - Western and Traditional.

Western Korean women are those who have the beliefs, values and mindset that Western people have. By 'Western' I mean from Europe, Oceania, America, etc...

If you want to date a Korean woman who grew up in the West then you might not need this information.

On the other hand if the woman you want to date and perhaps marry a Korean woman from the group below then get ready to impress her with your understanding!

Traditional Korean women are women who hold strong Korean beliefs and no matter what you do - you'll always be learning about their culture.

Meet and have successful relationships with my free interracial dating advice.

Land a Date With This Advice Yesterday

Make it happen whether you've just come to Korea, are curious about coming here or are already in a relationship with a traditional Korean woman.

For better or for worse: I've been in all three! ;-)

korea dating tips

You'll discover

  • how to meet Korean women

  • what these ladies want

  • how to come up with romantic date ideas that work

  • ...and more!

Make your dating and relationship easier for the both of you. She'll be glad you did!

Do you live in Seoul South Korea?

Do you teach English in Korea or are planning to?

Learn from my 5 years of dating and having relationships in this amazing city!

Learn about the 'inside' places where Koreans and Waygukins (foreigners) go to meet and hang out.

Understand Korea and make your life and relationships with Koreans easier.

More Than Your Typical "Korean" Dating Tips

Find relationship problem advice for your relationship with a Korean woman (or man) so that you can create the relationship dynamic you want.

Want help with ending a relationship without hurting him or her?

Discover now if it's possible to have open relationships with your Korean date! What if I told you that that's what they want?

At Last! Get Intimate With Her...

Be intimate with a woman because it's an important part of the relationship. In fact if you want a relationship you must make a move.

Transform yourself into a man who sweeps her off her feet!

Make her want you with sexual seduction by clicking on the link.

Find solid advice on how to French kiss here!

Attention! Dating Advice For Women Too

Are you a woman who wants to date a Korean man? Want to make it work? Check out these dating tips for women too!

Korean men value things and see relationships differently than men from the West.

Understand how they think and what they enjoy in a relationship so that you can make sure that everybody's happy.

To your fulfilling dating life!

Dan Bloom

PS: Live in Asia or plan to?  Check out my new site 'AsiaDatingTips.com'!

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